True Professionals

Our investigators and experts are PhDs, Medical Doctors, Professional Engineers, CPAs, and Retired Federal Agents; each is an expert in their field and an experienced investigator in their own right.
ROSEALLEN prides itself on the quality and training of its investigators. We believe in recruiting, investing, and retaining highly qualified investigators that thrive in our company culture and adhere to our strict standards. Unlike other private investigation organizations, ROSEALLEN never outsources its investigations to other private detectives or agencies. We will sometimes use our extensive network of vetted non-investigating professionals with specific expertise to bring the highest level of quality resources to your investigation.

Who Are We?

We don’t provide biographies or publicly identify our investigators. Much of our work requires anonymity and discretion and we serve our client’s best by staying out of the public eye. Rest assured that we will provide proof of our credentials and experience after you or your attorneys reach out to us.

All of our investigators are licensed by the State of Oregon through the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training’s Private Investigator licensing program established under ORS 703.435, and meet all standards enumerated within that statute.

Everything we do is lawful and thorough and accountable to the most exact legal and professional standards. We’re fully licensed, committed to continuing education, and members of the industry’s premier professional organizations. Our investigators are responsive, thoughtful, and ethical professionals with a substantive understanding of our clients’ needs.

ROSENALLEN is a vetted affiliate of the GK Sierra’s iGIN © (IntelLink Global Intelligence Network ©) . Many of our investigators are also credentialed through GK Sierra’s Joint Intelligence Partnership Program with INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization), enabling us to provide unparallel resources to bring to bear on your investigation.