ROSENALLEN offers a wide range of e-discovery services sure to meet the needs of your case. Using industry-standard practices and following the standard EDRM model, ROSENALLEN can assist you with every step of the process from collection to production.

Using advanced culling techniques such as de-duplication, de-nisting, file type, and date filtering, and keyword searching, ROSENALLEN can take the largest of data sets and produce only what you need. ROSENALLEN’s innovative pricing structure will save you and your client thousands of dollars and will let you determine how and what to produce.

Using cutting-edge industry tools, ROSENALLEN has the ability to produce documents for almost any review platform including Concordance and Summation with Bates labeling if desired. We will work with you to ensure you get the documents you need efficiently and economically.

Rosenallen is a NUIX eDiscovery Partner

Our eDiscovery Specialists are ACEDS Certifed


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