Exposure to white-collar crime, corporate fraud, and cyber-crime has escalated for corporations worldwide. In this high-risk business climate, the need for experienced and objective financial and business investigations has never been more critical.

ROSENALLEN has the most experienced groups of computer forensic and private investigations professionals in the state of Oregon. We combine technical expertise with a strategic investigative approach. The result is a unique resource unparalleled in preventing, detecting, and investigating risks and threats to people, companies, premises, and assets.

Our firm conducts thorough, independent investigations for companies and the law firms that represent them. If immediate action is required, our experienced investigators work with your senior management team, legal advisors, and law enforcement and assist your organization in finding answers. Working closely with the team and legal counsel, we perform objective, third-party inquiries without disrupting your organization’s operations.

We provide professional and thorough investigation services within the domain of:

  • Asset Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Bank Fraud Investigations
  • Child Abuse Investigations
  • Conflict of Interest Investigations
  • Corporate Acquisition Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Corporate Theft Investigations
  • Counter-Surveillance (Electronic)
  • Covert Undercover Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Electronic Sweeps
  • Executive Background Checks
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • General Investigations
  • Government Sector Contracts
  • Institutional Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Internal Audits
  • Kickback and Bribery Investigations
  • Medical Malpractice Investigations
  • Missing Children/Adults
  • Murder/Kidnapping Investigations
  • Nursing Home Investigations
  • Pacific Rim Investigations
  • Personal Injury Investigations
  • Pre-employment Investigations
  • Public Defender Case Investigations
  • Public Integrity Investigations
  • RICO Cases
  • Sex and Homicide Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Trial Preparation
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations and Surveillance
  • Workers’ Compensation Third Party Investigations
  • Wrongful Conviction Investigations
  • Wrongful Death Investigations

Advanced Technology

Our firm brings to bear the best technology and communication available to produce superior investigative results. A few of our unique assets include:

  • FAA Licensed Pilots with UAV and Aerial Assets
  • Multi-State FCC Commerical Radio Communications Systems
  • Sattelite Communication Systems
  • SCUBA Certifed Open Water Evidence Collection
  • Thermal and Low/No Light Image Capture
  • Forensic Audio and Video Analysis and Presentation

Ultimately, ROSENALLEN’s investigative services allow employers and individuals to re-establish the integrity of their organization and namesake while re-establishing their reputations following incidents of employee fraud, embezzlement, hidden assets, substance abuse, identity theft, sabotage, theft, sexual harassment, and various forms of hostile and inappropriate conduct.


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