ROSENALLEN 2022 Annual Case Statistics

In the ever-evolving field of private investigation, it is imperative to, as an organization, reflect on the impact we’ve made throughout the year. As we look back on 2022, we see a year of unprecedented growth and innovation, with our dedicated team of private investigators going above and beyond to deliver exemplary service to our diverse client base.

With over 371 cases handled in the past year, we have spanned the breadth of investigative services, from personal investigations to complex corporate fraud inquiries and digital forensics, showcasing our versatility and dedication to addressing a variety of investigative needs.

This comprehensive review not only offers a glimpse into the scope and depth of our work but it also helps us chart our progress, identify areas of improvement, and celebrate our successes. It affirms our commitment to transparency, professionalism, and excellence in service, qualities we consider foundational to our business.

The following data provides a clear, numerical representation of our investigative journey through 2022. It portrays a year filled with challenges met and obstacles overcome, illuminating our evolution as a leading private investigation firm. Let’s delve into the numbers that tell our story for the year 2022.

Case Type

Corporate Fraud Investigations Number of Cases
 – Theft of Intelectual Property 9
 – Theft of Real Property 10
 – Theft of Finacial Assets 32
 – Negligence of Fiduciary Duty 21
 – Failure to Meet Contractual Obligations 26
Total Corporate Cases: 98
General Investigations
 – Civil/Criminal Complaint Investigation 28
 – Capital Murder Investigation 9
 – Arson Investigation 3
 – Interview / Interrogations 31
 – Cyber Stalking / Harassment Investigation 19
 – Missing Person / Person Location 77
Total General Investigations: 167
Special Investigations
 – Digital / Forensic Investigation 22
 – Forensic Accounting Investigation 12
 – Arial / Maritime Servalance 8
 – Specialized Servalance (other) 23
 – Private Autopsy / Cause of Death Inquiry 3
 – Private Intelligence Functions 13
 – Legal Strategic Methods Consulting 25
Special Investigations: 106

This information does not include pro-bono cases that comprise an additional 32 engagements. Some cases above involve multiple disciplines but have been listed under only one activity category, depending on the majority of billable hours for that specific case type.